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"Your article has been very helpful in my raising Charlotte, who turned two on Jan. 31. She is quite precocious (not just by my unbiased, of course!, opinion; her doctor says so as well) and she gets to be almost more than I can handle at times. Then I re-read your article and regain my perspective. If she only knew the tongue-lashings and possible “swats” you have saved her from, Charlotte would thank you herself."

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"In our group, Peter was a warm, receptive and non-judgmental leader who was interested in each parent and child. Attending Peter’s group was a wonderful experience. Our child’s school grades have improved dramatically and he is a happier child since we participated in Peter’s group."

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Articles by Peter Ernest Haiman, Ph.D.

Parent Involvement

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Some Thoughts About Parent Intervention Programs The Brown University Child and Adolescent Behavior Letter, March 1998, 14(3). Download pdf
To Be Successful, Community Programs Must Involve Parents in a Meaningful Way The Brown University Child and Adolescent Behavior Letter, March 1998, 14(3). Bassani, Cherylynn (2003, May 8). "Social Capital Theory in the Context of Japanese Children. Retrieved from http://www.japanesestudies.org.uk/articles/Bassani.html. Download pdf
Impediments to Parental Involvement in Young Children's Education Download pdf


Parent-Child Relationship

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Effects of Early Attachment on Childhood and Beyond The Attached Family, July 2012, 15(1), 6-8. Download pdf
The Definition of Secure Attachment Download pdf

Effects Of Separation On Young Children: Implications For Family Court Decision Making

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I Wonder, How Does Your Monkey Feel? Download pdf
Effects of Type of Attachment on Child and Adolescent Behavior Download pdf
Impediments to Parental Involvement in Young Children's Education Download pdf
Dialogue with a Parent from Pakistan Download pdf
To Whom Do You Want Your Children to Take Their Problems First? Download pdf
The Self-Disciplined Child An earlier version of this article was published in Mothering Magazine, 1989, 52(2), 98-103. Download pdf
How Children Handle Frustration An earlier version of this article was published in New Beginnings, 1994, 11(5) 132-135. Download pdf
How to Prevent Sibling Rivalry Nurture Parenting Magazine, Issue 01, 2012. Download pdf
What Every Parent Needs to Know Download pdf
The Child Who Didn't Care Download pdf
The Diagnostic Approach to Child Rearing Reprinted as “Don't Put the Cart Before the Horse: Looking for the Reasons Behind Children's Behaviour” in Nuture—Natural Parenting Magazine, www. nurtureparentingmagazine.com.au Download pdf
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How Parents Talk to Their Infants Download pdf
Making Diaper Changing More Enjoyable Download pdf
Protecting A Child's Emotional Development When Parents Separate or Divorce New Beginnings. 11(1), 4-7. Download pdf
Reduce Discipline Problems: Meeting the Needs of Your Young Child Contra Costa Child Care Council in Concord, CA Download pdf
Sometimes My Kid Drives Me Nuts! What Can I Do About It? Download pdf
Spoiling Infants and Toddlers: The Myth That Can Affect a Lifetime Download pdf
The Myths of Child-Rearing Download pdf
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CWRU Produces New Pamphlets On "Soul" Children
THE CALL and POST, August 26, 1972.
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Download pdf
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Download pdf
Impressions of Cuba Download pdf
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