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Child-Rearing Information

Do parents get all the information they need to raise their children? Think about it. Most research about child development and child-rearing in the US is reported in English. Few parents read the academic journals that publish it. Some parents read parenting magazines. However, most of these magazines don't adequately report the research. Parents who do have the time to read tend to be middle class and speak English. Does the empirical research about the growth and development of children and adolescents reach the vast majority of parents? The answer is a resounding NO.

Children Perhaps the biggest mistake made by those competent in the fields of human development and parenting is relying on the written word. Why not create short videos or songs about child-rearing that are sensitive to parents' ethnic, social, cultural, and language preferences? Consider the value of songs developed with parents, sung by kids and parents, for kids and parents. If we think outside the box, music is a powerful way to reach all segments of our population about the most important task of adulthood-sensitive, loving, responsive parenting. These efforts could light a beacon that would shine throughout the world. Peace between nations, after all, to a great extent is determined by how each nation raises its children.