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"I was amazed at how much you cared about each persons situation. I also wanted to thank you for telling us what is best for our children, despite the fact that it wasn’t always what everyone wanted to hear."

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"My focus has always been parents and helping them with what’s the most difficult job there is — rearing children"

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Child Rearing Therapy

Over the years, parents from Canada and across the United States have telephoned me to talk about their own child or adolescent rearing concerns. If you wish to do so, please call 510-665-5513. Dialogue that allows me to ask specific questions, and permits you to clarify interpersonal parenting dynamics, works. The exchange of e-mails does not lend itself to responsive and accurate interpersonal communication. Both of these elements are essential if you, as parent, are to receive and understand the suggestions you may want from me.

Phone:   510-665-5513
Email:   archparent@yahoo.com


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