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"Thank you for all the wisdom, love and support youíve given me. Youíve made a BIG impact on my life!"

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"For Ed and Elaine, who also prefer anonymity, this series prompted other results. The parents of a "6-year-old going on 2" found they needed to understand his feelings and his actions. The young couple praised Haimanís sessions at the Volunteer Center, especially those where they could interact in a given situation with their offspring to practice new habits."

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In the News, Articles about Dr. Peter Ernest Haiman

Spotlight on Peter Haiman
The Attached Family, September, 17, 2013.
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Parents Get Together to Support Each Other
Dawn Frasieur. The Berkeley Voice, April 2, 1992.
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Sense of Self Helps Kids Behave Well
Deborah Medvick. The Berkeley Voice, August 30, 1990.
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Straight From The Heart
Judy Hermann. The Berkeley Voice, March 5, 1987.
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Class Can Get Parents Through Early Ages
Christine D. Boyd. The Pittsburg Post Dispatch, August 27, 1986.
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Helping Mend Family Fences
Sally Tockey. Tri-Valley Herald, November 7, 1984.
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Hear the Children
Linda Tate, Chronicle-Herald staff writer, Augusta, GA, April 20, 1975.
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Drama Important in Childhood Development says USCA Professor
Lynne Katonak. Aiken Standard, March 3, 1975.
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Program Reaches Out to Average Students
Jessie Hayduk. The Telegraph, May 23, 1973.
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CWRU Produces New Pamphlets On "Soul" Children
THE CALL and POST, August 26, 1972.
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