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Testimonials FROM PARENTS

"May 17, 2018
Hello Dr. Haiman,

I cannot thank you enough for talking to me this evening, as it was immeasurably appreciated along with your kindness. I will be implementing as many strategies from our discussion that I can to continue to promote a healthy emotional lifestyle and environment for my daughter.

I could never describe my love and devotion for her, it is deeply felt; every cell just burning. I feel very strongly about your research and that path it strongly advocates.

I would like to speak with you again, as I get closer to my court proceeding date. Your wisdom and understanding to my individual case brought me a great sense relief/ peace. I feel more securely that I am on the right path with respecting and promoting a healthy emotional development for my daughter and considering all factors.

The Family Court System must change and I will continue to be the small town "big voice". My purpose is my daughter and my legacy is the relationship and commitment that will protect and nurture her lifelong; so she will nurture her children and they will nurture theirs just the same.

In general, I do not know how to take a seat when it comes to my daughter! I greatly look forward to speaking with you soon.

Sincerely, A mother in Ontario, Canada"

"April 22, 2014

Hi Dr Haiman,

I just called to say thank you so much for your testimony today. It definitely swung things in my son's favor to eventually, hopefully, get to no overnights. And maybe the Dad will increase daytime parenting. In the meantime obviously the Guardian ad Litem was really peeved that you poked holes in her Google research. She is most likely going to dig her heels in and come up with more things that support her argument. My attorney says that right now we are in the lead for what we hope to accomplish. We are going to have to do some of those evaluations to determine who our son feels he is primarily attached to. Then we are probably going to have to reschedule a hearing for June. I didn’t get to testify today. We only got about half way through so I will be in contact with you to hire you again to get you to give your testimony again when we have our next hearing to refute the expert that they are going to have. Again I greatly appreciate everything that you have done. We all have learned so much. This has been a real eye opener for the commissioner who is in charge of the case as well. Thank you very much. God bless."

"March 21, 2013

I can't thank you enough for the research report. It is perfect! I enjoyed all of it, but one section really stood out. You mentioned the risk of losing behavioral gains.  XXX was weaned last year when she was 18 months old (9 months ago). It was an easy transition; she was ready. In the past 3-4 months she now frequently asks to nurse. She attempts to pull down my shirt at least once daily and even latches if she can!! She constantly asks to play with my chest and has to fall asleep laying on my chest. I never realized this behavior could coincide with the stress she's been put under as she is consistently forced to leave me.

Let's hope this report will get through to some hard-headed and misinformed people! My attorney is a bright guy and fights for what I want but even he needs to read this. I forwarded it to him and will discuss it with him before I meet with the mediator (she will also get a copy).

Thank you so much!"

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Dr. Haiman's Parent Testimonials

Testimonials From Professionals

"Dr. Haiman has, over many many years, served as a consultant and trainer to many projects serving children and families - including Head Start and U.S. Coast Guard programs. He has trained trainers for these projects as well.

He is one of the true pioneers in contributing to innovative and effective ways to design programs to serve low-income, low-education families and their very young children. He developed a unique programmatic format (which later became a prototype for inner city programs for infant development and family life education) at the Hough Parent and Child Center in Cleveland, Ohio.This Center became prominent as an example of what can be accomplished in a successful Parent and Child Center program. Dr. Haiman's physical energy, kindliness, cheerful, considerate personality and considerable professional skills contributed significantly to the success of this pioneer effort.

The work that Dr. Haiman has accomplished in empowering low socioeconomic families, and enhancing the lives of parents and young children in special model projects … make it clear that he has already made several significant contributions on a nation-wide basis to the field of psychology."

Alice S. Honig, Ph.D. Professor of Child Development
Child, Family & Community Studies
University of Syracuse

"…we observed Dr. Haiman's  genuine  ability to interact  with  parents of all levels of ability and background, with members of the staff  from various professional disciplines,  with  visiting  University  Professors  who came to  the Center, as well as with the infants and children whose development was the focal point of the demonstration project. He had the capacity to recognize problems in their early stages and to work toward solving those problems in a timely and effective fashion. He was always a team player concerned about the ideas of others and their participation in decision making.

His  groundbreaking  work on the national standards for the Head Start program cannot be minimized.  As I became a National Consultant for  Head Start and Parent and Child Centers in 1970, I was able to see the wide-ranging effects of Dr. Haiman's thinking and creative ideas in the many programs that I dealt with over the years in all areas of the United States.

Others who were concerned with children and their parents recognized Dr. Haiman's expertise. Because of his work, he was chosen to be a member of President Clinton's People to People Ambassador program to Cuba in February 2001.

Peter Haiman is a man of great intellect, an empowering teacher, an effective communicator,  a  wonderful and warm human being."

Robert J. Meresko
Clinical Psychologist, 
Berea, Ohio 

The following PDF files are letters from professionals:


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